How To Unpack And Organize Your New Home

If you’ve finally moved into your new apartment or house in the suburbs, you probably can’t wait to check out the neighborhood and get acquainted with the best attractions in the area. You’ve probably already changed the locks on the front door and you’ve hired the best service providers you could find. However, there is still one pretty important and time-consuming thing to do that is stopping you from starting your new life in your new home: the dreaded unpacking

Stop Staring At Your Boxes And Start Unpacking

Staring at dozens of different sized boxes laying around on the floors of your garage or living room is not going to do much. It’s going to take a lot of time and require all of your energy to get everything done in a single day. That is why we warmly advise you to spread the task into several smaller tasks. No one is rushing you into unpacking all the boxes at once.
Figure out what areas of the house require your attention first and focus on those first. Our recommendation is to start the unboxing with your bulkiest items such as large kitchen appliances (refrigerator, cooker, stove, cooler etc).

Unpack Bulky Boxes First

Remember that expert unpacking services do exist, and Captain Moving specializes in both complete and partial packing and unpacking services at good rates. Get in touch with us, let us know what you need help with and we will issue a free, no-obligation quote. We can then schedule an appointment and help you unpack everything for you and place it in its right spot around the house.

Your large pieces of furniture such as closets and massive living room table and chair sets should also be unpacked first. Getting all the bulky boxes out of your way should simplify your work significantly.

Move On To The Bathroom

You are going to need soap, fresh towels, laundry detergent and toiletries the moment you are going to move in into your new home. Identify the labeled boxes that contain all these items and start unpacking. Use a system on your liking (top to bottom, bottom to top) and work your way from the shower curtains down to the tissues. Making sure the bathroom labeled boxes are placed inside the movers’ truck at the end of the loading should help when the unloading is done. You will know exactly where those boxes are and get a chance to place them somewhere where they are easy to reach.

Hungry Yet? Unpack Your Kitchen

Needless to say, together with the bathroom, the kitchen should be your next go-to place, especially if there is a lot of cooking done in your family and you have children who cannot dine in a restaurant every day. Plates dinnerware, cookware, everything should find its spot in your new kitchen so you can start using them straight away. Again, start with the larger pieces and items and move on to the smaller one that requires more attention and which you could unpack at a later time.

Unpack The Fabrics Last

Betting, curtains, drapes, clothes, throw pillows and throw blankets – you get the idea. Unpack those last and do the same with the est of the decorations. They’re not that urgent and they can be postponed for a while, if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to handle them as soon as you move.

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